Received $10,000 Per NMA Offer to Sell in Houston County, Texas

Hello, I own net mineral acres in the following tract:

All that certain tract or parcel of land situated in Houston County, Texas, about 12 miles West of the town of Crockett, and being Tract No. 7 of the subdivision of the J. W. Turner Sr., homestead tract, containing 28.9 acres of land, and being a part of the Fernando Del Valle Eleven League Grant, Abstract No. 88, and describe as follows: BEGINNING at the South East corner of the original tract; THENCE South 54 West 187 varas to the South East corner of the Oscar Turner tract; THENCE North 35-3/4 West 794 varas to corner in field; THENCE North 54 East 216 varas to corner on the West boundary line of Church tract; THENCE South 54 West 38 varas to the W. H. White and Turner corner, a large P. O. Marked X; THENCE South 36 West 757 varas to the place of beginning, containing 28.9 acres of land, more or less, and being the same land conveyed by partition deed from J. F. Turner et al to Annie Brewton, dated September 18th, 1923, and recorded in book 113, Page 40, of the Deed Records of Houston County, Texas, to which reference is here made for all purposes.

I just received an offer of $10,000 per NMA to sell my mineral interests in their entirety. I’m inclined to accept as there is no drilling/lease for this property. Would be interested in knowing if anyone has any other thoughts.

First offers by buyers tend to be low (in my experience), so I would not jump until you do some more investigation. Find out what activity is potentially coming. (They plan to make a profit off of buying your acreage and they know something that you do not know).

I moved your post out of the General category into the Houston County, TX topic area so local folks may be able to answer you.

Seems high admittedly for that area; however, there appears to be a decent amount of Woodbine wells just W/SW of there. Attached is an old slide with the strat column. Looks like a handful of private operators with Empire Petroleum being the most prominent. Go to the RRC GIS Viewer, hit the magnifying glass at the top and click ‘surveys.’ You can punch in the county and abstract number and scroll around to check it out for yourself.

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This link will open the RRC GIS Map Viewer on a well drilled on Abstract 88 in Houston County.

Click on the magnification bar on left side of the map and zoom out slightly for a better picture of the area.

You might want to make sure the proposed contract does not sell all of your other minerals in Texas along with those on which you have received an offer. It might be a very good idea to have an attorney assist you with the transaction should you decide to sell.

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The Eaglebine/Buda/EagleFord all had been a bust in Houston County. EOG bought out nearly every company and interest and the County. A lot of wells were drilled in the play in the southern half of Houston County and they all failed after a short while.

My brother called over the weekend and said Biden approved large export facility down in Houston I am aware thats a different county gonna take several years to build .surprised it hasnt been brought up on forum unless I just missed it.

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