Really missing the Howard County group πŸ˜”


Any regulars coming back? Is there another place people are posting?


Hi Nikki!
I’m new on here. Just figuring out how to navigate the forum.


I agree, don’t like the new one at all. Very confusing!


Good to hear from someone in the group!! Hopefully Howard County will start posting again!!!


I just received a notice from the operator that they are going to reduce the acreage int he Pool from 480 acres to 300 and they are reducing the royalty down to less than half of what it was originally…any thoughts or guidance on this? The lease indicates nothing about them just deciding to make these changes…


By the way this is Block 31 T-1-N Howard Cty.


Hello Nikki,
I had just signed up when they came up with this new and improved website. (I agree, this is not as user friendly.) I’m looking for post from the gentleman who gave recently recorded documents to the Howard County Courthouse. I’m trying to look up some amendments to a lease we have that was filed in May. I’m not having much luck. Any ideas on where I can find his post? It looked like he was a long time contributor to this group.
Thanks! Karen


Hey there!!! I am trying to get everyone back on the same page!! There is a pinned post General Discussion that should how up at the top when you go to Howard County. That has been suggested to try & carry on like before …not sure if it will work : ( You might try posting there too! I know that if you click on your icon then click on your name it should show you ALL your posts even from the old forum! If he replied to you you can find out that way! Please let me know!


Hi John! Try posting under the general discussion topic on Howard County that was started. We are hoping this starts the group up again!!!


Here is the place for the continuation of the old β€œwall” for Howard County-- Howard County,TX - General Discussion


Am I posting to myself?


@B_John_McDaniel try posting to the Howard County General discussion Topic!


I suspect you are looking for this Howard County, TX - General Discussion.