Real Estate Attorney

We have a Probated Will and Affidavits of Heirship filed in several counties and owed in several others and have been paid several checks. We have some counties that we need help with and several that need to be conveyed over to us after the passing of the individuals who had their names on it. We need a real estate attorney or someone qualified in these areas to help us also find non producing wells and some that are excavating under ground for minerals. Does anyone have suggestions. We are in Texas.

Use the menu at the top of this site. I believe what you really want is an Oil and Gas Attorney, not a Real Estate Attorney? This site is about minerals and not real estate.

I have used Eric Camp out of Ft Worth and have been very happy with his results. MK

Ok thank you sir for the help. I’ve been through it and it’s easy to find when producing it’s when they’ve stopped producing thats hard.

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