Real Estate Appraisers Reeves County


Need some referrals for RE Appraisers in Reeves County for the purposes of determining the ‘cost basis’ for the sale of mineral rights and the land the mineral rights is on. Thank you in advance.

Mary Anne Palmer

That might require two different appraisers. The real estate is fairly easy to do, but the mineral rights require a different appraisal type-usually by a certified petroleum engineer or a specialized landman.

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Thank you for this info! Can you recommend anyone? Please?

I do not know anyone in Reeves, but someone on the forum may be able to recommend someone. You can look up real estate appraisers on the internet. The minerals side may be a bit more challenging. Take a look at the Midland County forum. I seem to remember someone mentioning an appraiser in Midland. Also, use the search magnifying glass at the top right and search on “appraiser” or similar topic.

Will Do. Thank you so very much for this information. Very much appreciated!!!

Dan George is the only mineral appraiser I know of. He is based in Tyler but does work in the Permian.

Office: 903-705-4065