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Hi there ,

I'm an investor from NSW Australia and am interested in any news on a company by the name of Kindee oil and gas which are currently drilling NE of Big Lake Texas.

Any news or sightings would be appreciated.



i have had a one sixth interest in surface and minerals on 5700 acres with 10 or 112 producing wells huge in size from what i read about that get put into productions and somany huge named comanies have changed hands like changing underwear and i am so confused why my mother got bonus checks and surface damage checks and why would they spend a few million to drill and capp 10 wells? peter francis nieve christian that would love to get some cash on a property that was appraised at 6 to 7 million in 1985 and i have several of nione sections to my knowledge that are available to lease in sutton county and i know i am not to far away from this area? any ideas whaqt is happening to me if i am getting one check for 71 bucksd and another for a couple hundred on two different sections yet on section takes over a million cubic feet a month and the other 4 to 5 to 7 million a month and both operators pay close to the same taxes each year???????? help yikes

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone here could help out a desperate little aussie from downunder. I am after a map of reagan County which gives the following information. Section,Township,Blocks etc etc. I am an investor in a very small aussie company which is just starting out in the county and would just like to detail their drilling locations. Any help would be very much appreciated.

All the best for the new year guys.

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Midland Map Co., or online at the GLO website. I wrote an article on the home page with the link.

Thanks so much Wade.



My family has a forth generation mineral ownership in Reagan County near Big Lake. Does anyone know 1) what value per acre this is 2) any activity planned in the near future.

I have heard the cost are prohibitive at this point for the mineral owners to get much from their ownership, mostly since the middle east is challenging the cost per barrel at this time. Any feedback?


Your Reagan minerals certainly have value. I’d be happy to discuss the value with you. You can email me at or call at 469-688-0800.

Sincerely, Graham Gillespie

Hi, I’m new here and not at all knowledgable about mineral rights. My mother has mineral rights and leases in Regan County. I am her POA since she has dementia. My cousins and my mother have received VERY substantial offers recently to sell the rights and the leases. What is going on in Regan County ? She also has other mineral rights in Regan County from my fathers side which have dwindled to almost nothing in resent years. Thanks for any enlightenment on this question.

Does anyone know what current bonus rates are in Reagan County?

Portions off the county are undergoing major horizontal drilling development causing wide range of fair bonus .

Location Location Location

I've got horizontals on three sides of me and the broker jumped from $300 to $2000 in one blink so I think we're good now.

James, if you have open minerals for lease in the west half of Reagan County, I would seek some professional help. I would think that $5,000/nma & 1/4 royalty would be reasonable.

I just read your recent posts and see that you probably don't need any professional help, my apologies. Please reach out to me if you would like my opinion. I have some knowledge of the area.

James, If you are surrounded by H drilling and developed parcels, worrying about the bonus is like picking up pennies and ignoring dollars floating by. Focus on the measurement and payment of royalties in the lease. That is where the big bucks will be made and saved.

Jim Davis owns more minerals than anyone on this site - I think he knows the drill.

In doing research for a client who needed to sell inherited acreage in Reagan County, I discovered an area where owners in older Pioneer units must be getting deluged with offers to purchase. I reviewed over 8 offers sent to my client and solicited 5 more offers from industry buyers that I have sold acreage to in the past. I'm in negotiations with buyers at rates over twice the original offers received as I hold out for a fair price based on the current not old production developments.

Value of minerals in Abstracts, 287, 663, 750, 965, 966 are sure to see a significant increase in value after July 7, 2016 permitting activities that show the activity in A-395 to have been worthwhile.

Be patient. There is not need to jump at early offers even though they seem generous at first. Horizontal drilling technology has added value to your minerals so selling for multiples of old check stubs is not a reflection of the value that can be received in a transaction fair to all.

Clint, Daughter and Son n Law have mineral rights to 162.168 acres in Reagan county. Section2 Blk "o" Abstract 931,GS&Sf Rwy SW/4 Sec no 2 Block "o". Any activity close or anything pending you maybe aware of?

Close to St. Lawerance. Thanks Clint.

Ronnie, your daughter and son in law have a producing well in their section which is likely holding their leasehold rights by production. It is also right next to Apache's "SRH North" lease with lots of Hz activity. Your son in law and daughter are in a good area. RR

Mr Rowe, Many thanks for your reply and Great information, I'll pass it on to them, Thanks Ronnie