Reagan - Black Stone - Wilkinson: Status

I am a Royalty owner in the Wilkinson Unit.

I see the recent Completion Report on this well, but notice that it was not assigned a "RRC Gas ID No." so that you could go to RRC Production Query and see Production volumes.

Does this mean the well will be capped and not brought into Production until a later date?

I noticed on the Murray Pond Gray well 1 Completion Report from February (3 months ago), there was also no RRC Gas ID No. assigned, and there has been no Production reported to RRC to date. Can I assume that this means the Operator has chosen to cap these wells for the time being for whatever reason???

I am replying to my own blog. It has been about a month, and no one "in the Know" or who lives around Troup, has replied.

Still no RRC Gas ID No. that I can find on any of the wells drilled and Completed on 1) Murray-Pond-Gray or 2) Reagan-Black Stone-Wilkinson. Also no reported Production on them on the RRC Website.

Simple explanation is that there is no reason to bring them into Production. (Could be Breitburn's Bankruptcy, or simple Contractual issues with Gatherers/Purchasers.

Still seems to me like they would have an RRC Gas ID No. for the wells?????

1) WILKINSON-McELROY Allocation 1H - Permit 06-807715; New Gas Lease ID 06-279290. 1st production Oct 2015. Originally Tanos operator and now Breitburn. RRC volumes under 279290 for Oct 2015 thru March 2016. March and April are reported under Pending and the permit number. API 42-073-31537. (Is this the correct well?)

2) MURRAY-POND-GRAY 1H - API 42-073-31541; Permit 06-810825. Operator is Tanos. No reports under pending on RRC.

3) Texas Comptroller CONG - For reports of Volumes Sold and Total Sales Revenues. Both reported under Lease Drop-Natural Gas. For MURRAY, use Permit Number and Cherokee County; First sales in January. Enter Begin Date 1601 and End Date 1605. January has mcf 184477 and CN (condensate) 7894 bbl; Feb & March only report CN. For WILKINSON, use New Lease ID and Cherokee County; First sales Oct 2015. Enter Begin 1510 and End 1605. You get October 2015 thru March 2016. Only CN sales and volumes being reported. See that in November, 16,789 bbl were sold.

4) You should contact operators and ask for division order and royalty payments. Send demand by certified mail if necessary.

Good luck!

Thanks for Info on Texas Comptroller CONG. I still cannot find anything there on REAGAN - BLACK STONE - WILKINSON (ALLOCATION) Well 1H. I can find the Completion Report for that Well on the Texas RRC Query, but the trail goes cold there. The Drilling Permit # is 06-812450, and the API # is 42-073-31543. Once again, there was no RRC Gas ID No. assigned to that well per the Completion Report. In conclusion, since nothing on RRC Site or Texas Comptroller GOMG....I am going to assume well was capped for Future Production. I f anybody else has any other ideas or knowledge.....???

Replying again to own blog, but somebody out there may be interested. I went directly to Breitburn about why no RRC Gas ID No. yet, and they seemed to think it was a normal delay in getting one from paperwork submittal and Completion Report approval. ("as-is" drilled plats being generated and submitted/approved). Reagan Black Stone Wilkinson Well 1H is in production and has been so since April 15.

Volumes are still not available on RRC Site Queries, but are starting to appear on the Texas Comptroller CONG (at least Condensate Volumes for Gas volumes).

Breitburn indicates the Well flowing currently about 9,000MCF/d Gas, and 400 bbls/d Condensate.

Thank you so much! I was wondering the same as Rex on Murray-Pond-Gray! This information is very helpful!

Reagan Black Stone Wilkinson Well #1H has finally been assigned an RRC Gas ID # (280278) and the Production volumes are finally starting to appear in the Texas RRC database. Also note that Clint posted Drilling permit info on a second Well....#2H to be drilled by TANOS

I have been following everything going on in Cherokee County for the past 6 months or so. I have interests in Wilkinson Unit and in McElroy A, but nothing in Murray, Pond or Gray. My cousins, the Wilkinsons do however and I have been following Murray Pond Gray to see what Breitburn is up to in general. Murray Pond Gray now has an RRC Gas ID No. so that you can see what the Production volume is there. They produced oil and gas in December and January, but no volumes show up after that. I think my cousins said they had a problem with the well