Reading deed coordinates

Does anyone know how to read the coordinates in old Deed books? Here’s and example:

Beginning at stake in an original line and corner to James Fox thenc with his line S. 29o E. 57.6 poles to a stone thence S. 150 W. 13 poles, thence S. 31 1/20 W. 19 poles to a stone,

Sassie2021 - You have a “metes and bounds” description. There are probably several references you can look up if this explanation isn’t good enough.
These descriptions typically begin at a “corner” of properties that were, at least at one time, known. Then the description gives an angle and a distance for a line to the next reference point. In your example, you would look straight south, turn 29 degrees east and proceed 57.6 poles (950.4 ft) to the next object. Then look straight south, turn 15 degrees to the west, and proceed 13 poles (214.5 ft) to the next point and so on. The description will continue until you return to the starting point or point of beginning.
Unfortunately, for these older descriptions a referenced stone or tree may no longer be there. An older map may be needed to see where the James Fox property was.
A landman may be able to help you, or you may be able to find what you need on your own.

Thank you so much. Really having fun researching this. So interesting.

The reference starts at the corner of James Fox (could be property owner name or survey reference) and then runs along the property line in a direction of South 20 degrees East, for 57.6 “poles”; then running South 150 degrees West for a distance of 19 “poles”. I found that WV has a statute for surveyor charges based on poles. Also there is an article discussing metes and bounds and it notes that pole, rods and perches are all 16.5 feet. Rods are used in Texas. I have no experience with poles.

Thank you. for your help.

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