Reach an actual person at Oxy USA

I own mineral rights in Loving County and have been receiving nice royalties from Oxy. There was a mix-up (on Oxy’s part) concerning transfer of a small percentage of my ownership - this has now been corrected, and the other party involved has started receiving appropriate royalties. My online account on the owner’s website shows that checks have been issued to me (though not processed), but I have received no checks. The only thing I can figure is that somehow they’ve reverted to an old address - website doesn’t display this info. BUT FOR WEEKS NOW I’VE BEEN EMAILING AND CALLING AND GET NO RESPONSE. Any advice in how one actually gets to talk with a person at Oxy??!!

Clarification: The recent checks have not ‘cleared’. Status on website is blank. Earlier checks that I received show status of ‘cleared’.

Have no isea why this post says Oxy PERMIAN. I just wrote “Oxy”. It’s Oxy USA.