Re-opening Idle/Abandoned vertical wells, medium-heavy oil

Greetings All,

New to the forum, pardon the intrusion.

I am interested in acquiring land/production/lease agreements for wells with specific characteristics (vertical-no more than 5deg. deviation, less than 9000ft, medium/heavy oil <35 API, high GOR/sand/paraffin), to produce with a new device. Briefly, the process is called "continuous belt transportation" using an oil absorbing belt to transport (instead of sucker pump) heavy oil at a much lower production and workover cost.

Seeking to bring idle, abandoned, orphaned wells back online first.

Any comments or info is greatly appreciated.



Try far Eastern Kansas / Western Missouri. Lots of heavy oil and it is very shallow (100-400 feet). Many attempts have been made to use steam, but it has not been economical for the most part.

Much appreciated, will look into it...

I have some 19-22 gravity wells at 1500ft

Are they currently idle? How many? Estimate of total oil in the field? Thanks..