Re-fracking Wells

Do producers re-frack wells in Williams County. At what point is this done? If a well is re-fracked can it be made “confidential” again.

Recompletions are becoming more common in plays that have older wells (pre 2015). The main problem we have seen in ND is whether the well is open hole or cemented liner/casing. Many older wells were open hole completion which while cheaper, doesn’t allow for an easy recompletion. Some Operators also used what is known as sliding sleeve, which are also more difficult to recomplete. In around 2017 most Operators moved to cemented liner/casing which gives them control of the main completion and any further recompletes they might do. It is also more common to see refrac’s in gas wells compared to oil due to the nature of the reservoir (gas wells are pressure driven).

Wells that are slated for recompletion have met different criteria metrics such as: open hole vs. cemented, closeness of other horizontal wells, production curve, etc. Wells are looked at once costs are about to exceed revenue or they are experiencing an abnormal production decline.

Call my former client (I’m retired) and great friend Steve Massey. He has THE technology.

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