Ratification question on lease.

Why would the company EOG not want us to file any of the records or have the on public record of the ratification of a current lease from 1995 and validity of that lease. They are fixing to start sending out royalites on wells drilled on our acres that my family has interest in. I just feel like its odd they would state in the paper work that they do NOT in caps want us to file the oil lease and the lease bonus . Why?

File any public record*

What they want is irrelevant if you didn't enter into a non-disclosure agreement.

As to why? Maybe they, or predecessors entered into an agreement with a Most Favored Nations clause and if someone finds out what you received, someone else will get the same. Maybe they just don't want any data out there about what they are willing to pay.

Secrecy is seldom to the benefit of the average mineral owner. I don't keep a lot of secrets myself, I'm not that comfortable keeping them for an oil company.

I think RW is correct. I understand their reluctance to file the bonus amount--haven't seen that done in many years, but some will agree to file a "memo" of the lease, but I don't allow it on mine, since they are "family" wells, and if the lease were lost, you have to go with what the operator says about the lease, and I prefer to not rely on operators for limits that apply to them.

Does the paperwork simply state that EOG does not want you to file or that you agree you are prohibited from filing? If the latter, then you might face damage claims from EOG in the event that you did file for some reason. Be certain that you understand the legal meaning of any wording.

Yes they actually say they will file the ratification but the agreement is what they don't want to be filed. Thanks for the input.