Ratification of Oil, Gas & Minerals

Hi I’m new to the site and need some guidance - I was recently notified I own mineral rights in Nacogdoches County and received a letter from “Eagle Valley Energy Partners LLC” telling me the land is currently under a lease agreement with the land owners.

The letter goes on to say I own a undivided Non-participating Royalty Interest in the track of land as described . And I am entitled to portion or royalty proceeds if the well they are currently drilling produces oil and/or gas in paying quantities, without signing a formal oil gas lease, as it relates to the tract of land only and should I wish not to participate in this process, all monies attributable to my interest will escheat to the State of Texas.

Not knowing what my my Royalty interest offer is and having no rights to the negotiation of the lease and its language should I be concerned in signing this NPRI Ratification notice?


Did they happen to include a copy of the lease that you are asked to ratify? I would not want to ratify anything I had not read. Also, I would check to see if my interest is under the drillsite / borepath. Drilling permits are available on the Texas RRC website. Depending on where your tract is in relation to the drilling could make a difference in whether it is best for you to ratify or not. Getting as much information as possible before making a decision is always a good idea.

J_Walker; No they did not provide a copy of the lease agreement. I have been playing phone tag with the guy representing Eagle Valley Partners to provide a copy of the lease. I agree and don’t want to sign anything yet. Not sure where my tract is located.

A couple other questions I was going to ask…

  • What is the Royalty offer
  • Is Royalty clear & free of all per-production and drilling cost
  • If not what are Post-Production cost estimate projected for each month