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my family has an underground natural gas storage lease in rankin county.

i would like to know if there are forum members who have similar leases in rankin county.


i am in the process of trying to contact mississippi landowners who are not being fairly compensated for underground natural gas storage under their property.



This same fervor, passion, energy, and support needs to be shown for the issue of unfair compensation for underground natural gas storage.

“The tribe has sued the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in federal court in Washington, arguing that the agency improperly granted permits for the pipeline.”

The FERC has been illegally granting permits for underground natural gas storage for decades. The 1938 Gas Act was written for pipelines only: NOT UNDERGROUND NATURAL GAS STORAGE.

Gas and pipeline companies make millions of dollars annually from underground natural gas storage with little or no compensation to private landowners and Native Americans. This is an issue that affects thousands of landowners across 31 states in the United States. Landowners are the rightful owners of the extremely valuable underground caverns on their property. The 410 underground storage caverns on private land across the United States are very valuable and scarce resources to gas and pipeline companies. Gas and pipeline companies should be forced to fairly compensate landowners for the use of these underground caverns. This is a violation of the 5th amendment. Gas and Pipeline companies are sharecroppers that aren’t sharing.

No illegal eminent domain for underground natural gas storage!

No illegal perpetual leases!

No diminution of surface land value as paradigm for compensation!

No illegal FERC permits for underground storage!

See my linkedin group: Fair Compensation for Underground Natural Gas Storage.