Range of $igning Bonuses in Campbell County, WY


I’m writing this in the Converse County forum because the software will not allow me to start a new topic in the Campbell County forum. @Mark_West, we’ve since fixed this problem, and moved this topic to it’s appropriate place).

I’m seeking help to determine a range of a Signing Bonus amount for a property we have in Campbell County. It’s for a DEEP LEASE containing 360 Net Mineral Acres under a property that has 4 good producing wells in the top lease.

We believe $400 / NMA is too low for a high probability drill, but we aren’t sure what the top end should be.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your responses.


My family has 45 mineral acres in Converse County. We were offered $10,000 per mineral acre if we sold. We opted for a signing bonus of $5100 per acre and a 4 year lease with an option for 2 more that pays a royalty of 18.75%. We had 2 companies bidding for our rights.


Neither of you mentioned where your minerals were located. Its all about location.