Range of $igning Bonuses in Campbell County, WY


I’m writing this in the Converse County forum because the software will not allow me to start a new topic in the Campbell County forum. @Mark_West, we’ve since fixed this problem, and moved this topic to it’s appropriate place).

I’m seeking help to determine a range of a Signing Bonus amount for a property we have in Campbell County. It’s for a DEEP LEASE containing 360 Net Mineral Acres under a property that has 4 good producing wells in the top lease.

We believe $400 / NMA is too low for a high probability drill, but we aren’t sure what the top end should be.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your responses.


My family has 45 mineral acres in Converse County. We were offered $10,000 per mineral acre if we sold. We opted for a signing bonus of $5100 per acre and a 4 year lease with an option for 2 more that pays a royalty of 18.75%. We had 2 companies bidding for our rights.


Neither of you mentioned where your minerals were located. Its all about location.


I have mineral acres in Johnson County, Wyoming…Sections 46 and 47. They are offering $500 per mineral acre as a lease but are drilling on the adjacent property. What is the going rate?


HI Chuck,

Would you mind sharing which two companies were bidding for your mineral rights? Our family’s mineral rights are in Campbell County and are available for lease.

Best, Andre


We just got a call from Diamond Resources to purchase our mineral rights in Campbell County . They offered $2500 per acre. We refused. Between the 5 of us we have 320 net acres. Something must be up if they want to spend about 600,000 to buy our mineral rights.


Thanks for your (quick) reply.

We own 320 net mineral acres in Campbell County, however, we’ve been told the nearest “activity” to our area is ~6 miles.

Our lease expires this month. We were paid $170,000 for a 5 yr paid up lease… looking for another company to lease. Not sure if selling is the route for us.

With that said, there was an article saying the Wyoming has seen a HUGE spike in oil “drill now” permits. That sounds like good news…

Good luck…



Now there are 3 companies. Welco, Hyperian and Horizon.


wow! thanks for the information. I contacted Diamond Resources and they might make an offer to purchase soon.

do you guys want to lease or sell youror mineral rights?




We agreed to just lease our mineral rights and roll the dice on the future.



Our mineral rights are in a family trust and the trustee is leaning towards a lease too.

Again, we have 320+ net mineral acres in CC…did you sign a lease with Welco, Hyperian or Horizon?

Thanks again for your help!



We’re rolling the dice and keeping them too!


We signed a lease with Welco. They said they never get beat in a bidding war. They did make us the best offer. Would be very interested in knowing what you eventually get. Thanks



our lease expires on aug 28th. legally we can’t negotiate or sign w/another company until aug. 29th.

however, I am reaching out to landmen and there’s seems to be interest for our CC mineral rights. Many companies want to purchase our m/r but I’ve talked to multiple people in the CC area and all have said “don’t sell”.

I’ll certainly reach out to Welco… thanks for the information.

Here’s to striking it rich in 2019/20 :+1: