Randolph and Townsend heirs & question re Tenmile District

My brothers and I were contacted in October 2013 by a landman with Antero Resources about mineral rights in West Va. We are heirs of Robert L. Townsend and Florence May Randolph Townsend. We have interests in various properties in Harrison, Doddridge, Tyler, and Ritchie counties. We are curious if there are other heirs that are members of this site.

Also, we were given the following information on a property in the Tenmile District of Harrison County. We were told by someone that we have a non-participating interest in this property and other properties. However, we don't know if there has been any drilling on this property and Antero has not yet informed us about having an interest in the property.

18-301, Parcel 38;
18- 301, p/o 39.2;
18-2703, Parcel 132;
18-2703 Parcel 133;
18-2703, Parcel 135;
18-2703, Parcel 136;
18-2703, Parcel 137;
18-2703, Parcel 138;
18-2703, Parcel 139;
18- 2703, Parcel 140;
18-2703, Parcel 141;
18-2703, Parcel 142;
18-2703, Parcel 143
18-2703, Parcel 144,
We need to find someone to help us with finding out information of this property and others that we may have an interest in or possibly lead us in the direction of how to find this information on our own.