Has anyone done business with R K Pinson in Edmond Oklahoma? Opinions or reviews of them?

This fellow seems to secure leases for larger companies. In about 2010 he leased some property of my family's.

The lease went to one of the Cordillera operations. It was then resold to Apache. We knew that was Cordillera's business model. We were pretty sure they would not drill our properties, but were just fluffing a project to sell to some other operator. As long as they do not drill on the property, it was fine with us.

We took the check to the bank, and there was no hesitation about accepting it. Our experience was positive, but I cannot say that your's will be the same. Good Luck.

Thanks for the info and input

They have leased a couple of my minerals and I haven't had any problems with them. I put a couple pages of addendum on the back of my lease and they didn't have any problems with that.

Thank you for your input.