Quitclaimdeed by Clerk in 2000

Just found another one listed as quit claim deed signed by Clerk of Harrison County to Mike Ross, Inc. on 4-1-2000, deed book 1319, pg. 122. This one is also interesting because we are NOT listed as even being notified on this one at all. They never tried to contact us before on other sales, but, on this one we are not even listed. It's interest on 118 acres.


Try this for Doddridge County information


Thank you Andy! That's great! Do you have a link for Ritchie and Tyler as well? Also, I have had trouble pulling up some of the older deeds even after downloading the program on the Harrison County site. The lady in the clerks office told me that if I downloaded the program I could pull the deeds up. However, as I said, it hasn't worked. Thanks again!!!

Ritchie uses a different system, and the “free” part is really just an index for records 1985 to present. Search for us land records select West Virginia then Ritchie is the only county. If nobody adds information before this evening I can give you links for Ritchie tax (or google it with sheriff as an added search term) and Tyler. Tyler is posted somewhere on this forum.


I would like to add this comment, as you or someone may find it helpful. When you search electronically for a Document [example Book 77 Page 44] you may find in that document reference to another Book and Page and when you do a search you can't locate it. If you call the Clerk in Harrison or Doddridge Counties and give them the Book and Page number they will look it up for you. The cost of getting a document reproduced in just a few dollars depending on the number of pages. I was told most of the older Documents have not been added yet to allow you to search electronically. I have always been able to get Deeds, Will and Leases mailed to me. I have never had any dealings with Tyler or Ritchie Counties.

Hope this is helpful

Here is an edited version of what somebody posted about Tyler documents

Go to link http://tylercountywv.com/,

Scroll down to Tyler County Web Base Tax and Document Inquiry, click this link just under it:

At the next screen is 'Document Inquiry' and 'Tax Inquiry'. If you want to look up by taxpayer name, you can choose Tax Inquiry.

If you want documents,

choose 'Document Imaging' tab this time. Names searches are always done last name first, no commas. As in Smith John. Put in owner's last and first name in the appropriate boxes.

Next you'll get a listing of items under that person's name and whether it's a lease, deed, etc. Click "View" on the far left and that will take you to a copy of the document that you can print.

I don't think you can actually print unless you have an account (don't know how to get one). Somebody said screen print. Otherwise contact the County Clerk

Tyler County

PO Box 66

Middlebourne WV 26149-0066

County Clerk 304-758-2102

TO get the old documents, here is what someone wrote

The Tyler County website is tricky. If you want deeds before the mid ninety's, you need to install a separate app on your desktop. Basically after the page loads and you click on document image button, you go to far right and right click on the button farthest right that says right click (there may be two). You then left click " remove this application". When that is finished you right click again on the button which has a new name..."Book/Page" and you have the option to install "WEB book and Page application onto this computer". This will install a link on your desktop which you can then use to find older deeds......

I did this, and think it worked slightly easier than these descriptions.

When you have this, if you want to search by name, there are several indexes. Grantor (the one selling or giving); Grantee (the one buying or receiving) and Will

They have a complicated system. You have to choose the last name first letter, then look at their index pages, the first few, to find the page or pages where the name you want is listed. If you don't find a separate listing for a name, it will be on the page or pages where the first 2 or 3 letters are.

Then go to the right side, to the dropdown, and find book and page , then put in the book and page you found in the index. It is a little more complicated than that, but you should be able to figure it out.

For Ritchie county tax information


Is there another link to records in Doddridge? Thanks!
Nancy Mosley said:

For Ritchie county tax information


All I know for Doddridge is the link that John Andrew Carpenter listed on February 9 above. For documents.

Ok. I think it worked before. I’ll try it again later. Thanks! Greg