Quiet Title on my lease hold on Section 20-16-11W need landman or attorney help

I inherited some mineral rights in the above section from my uncle - this has never been probated and is still listed at the courthouse in the name of my aunt and uncle I have been being paid by the two different operating companies for over twelve years. I am told that I can get a quiet title done - can this be done? and how? I need some help and advice on this matter as I am trying to sell the mineral rights. Any guidance and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

The buyer should be willing to shoulder that burden. Do you want to do a court action and have the deal fall through after? Deals fall through all the time.

If the buyer needs you to do the quiet title so they can make up their minds, they don't want your minerals very badly.

How would you feel about doing the quiet title and they decide they don't want your minerals after all? If you are short of cash I wouldn't spend it on a quiet title suit you don't actually need because you are already being paid.

What if you spend money and they decide that they can make a new offer for a lower amount?

Mr. Kennedy

Thank you very much for your input. You definitely bring up points that I had not thought about and

it makes a lot of sense. I guess I am better off just waiting it out.

thanks again, Ronald Elliott

Mr. Elliott, if they want it, they will do the quiet title and just deduct the costs from the purchase price.

I don't want you to lighten your wallet to find out they have changed their minds, or if they thought you needed to recoup your expenses, make a new offer for 25% less than the previous offer.