Quiet board

I have noticed the bard is quiet. is there anything going on? anybody hearing anything new?

I've noticed the same. I've been receiving my payments, heard nothing new and wondering if there are anymore DOs out there for back royalties on wells I don't know about....

Nova wells should hopefully come soon.

Jim, I have interest in the Nova Wells. I believe that it has been held up in Court. Don't know what the outcome was. I called Denver on the Nova wells 5 mouths ago and was told the D.O would be sent (maybe) in the summer of 2017. It's funny because two years ago in Antero yearly report, they said that they had drilled the longest leg yet on the Nova Well, so your guess is as good as mine. Now in late Dec I called Denver for status on 4 wells, no feed back, thinking maybe they closed for the Holiday's I waited until this Monday and called again, so far no call back. I have received 6 DO's the past 6- months.So I should'n complain. Send me a message if you hear anything on the Nova wells.

Is there production shown on the WVDEP site for these wells?

It was tied up in court because we were the ones that were sued along with Antero. Case is being dropped as we speak. I am going to message you with my info. Call me next week.

Won't show production until around March sometime. Too new.

any word on Bowan wells?

I will call Monday morning. Most people are off Monday (MLK) day.


You hear any more on the Nova Wells. We are still waiting on attorney to file dismissal

I Jim, I have been thinking of calling you about Nova, as I have heard nothing, I am now getting Revenue from the Rainer Wells that are on the same pad as Nova, outback, Morton, and Grape.I was real happy with what I received from Rainer." no new car but additional shares of AT&T. I appreciate your post, I will call when I hear anything from Nova.


Hi Dale, If you have a well # we may be able to help. If no well # chances are it has not been permitted yet.

Pipeline/gathering lines are moving…New workers are coming in for that…Antero announced a $200M funding for the mark West facility a couple weeks ago…