Questions on leasing

Hi Mary,

Please use the discussion from now on so everyone can give you some input. Did you say you were going to subscribe to Polk County records section?

have some questions… alta mesa has our lease now and i told you it expires next summer. i look on their web site to see how things are going. they talk alot about how good the “deep bossier” “eagle ford” and those areas. how do i know if the land i have leased is in one of those areas? or do you only here about those places when you actually have a well? i know they are located in different parts of tx. but they really say east tx polk county. i told you i do not know anything about all this. do you know if anything is going on in polk county? the land i have is in livingston,tx. thanks for your help my friend…


From Wes Luke to mary
Sent Aug 3

Hi Mary,

78 acres may not sound like much to you but it's more than we have in several states. My g'father was in the business of buying and selling/leasing mineral rights. So, I don't know why he kept such small parcels. We own several in ND with 5 acres, one with 10 acres and one with 30 acres.

How does this work? Well, you own 78 acres. Between now and next Summer you have plenty of time to research and learn about it. If you don't have any objections, I'll copy and paste our messages into the forum so we can get some dialogue started there.