Questions on an offer from Enerlex for land in Pecos County TX

Hello all,

I’ve been reading through some of the other threads and want to express my sincere appreciation to Chris (I think) and the other contributors here. Mineral rights is awfully confusing and often unexpected.

My mother passed in 2016 and I think I inherited some rights from her (that she herself inherited from her father). Enerlex has offered to purchase them and I was wondering what was going on with them and what a fair price would be.

Two examples are:

J Donovan / B T Biggs Survey, Block OW, Section 12, Ab. 8346 and TC RR Co / E V Sweatt Survey, Block OW, Section 36, Ab 6643.

There are ten lots in total, all in Block OW. I’m not really sure what most of this means.

A) Is there someone I can hire (a landman?) to value these lands? What is an expected cost of that? B) Any guesses as to why I got an offer now? Just business as usual for the company?

I appreciate any help you’re able to offer!

Cheers, Michael

You should be in pay for currently producing wells in these sections. If you are not in pay, then there are royalties in suspense for you. The buyer is hoping to get that accumulated royalty money. Did your mother sign any lease sand do you have a copies? Diamondback has 5 to 8 producing wells in Section 36, Block OW - There are 3 abstract # in Section 36 - A-6443; A-8235 and A-9476. These well all include naming variations of the Neal-Lethco. Diamondback has one producing well in Section 12 - State Biggs - but several permits. You should contact Diamondback E&P LLC in Midland through owner relations and ask about being a mineral owner in Pecos County. Be ready to provide your list of mineral acreage (legal descriptions). Take your time to explore what you own. If you post your mother and her father’s names and other sections, then you may be able to get more assistance here. There may be other operators in the other sections.

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A very important sentence to note for everyone who considers the sale of minerals.

Thank you!! I know she was at a time receiving something like $19,000 a year or so from some wells. That was a while ago.

I’ll contact Diamondback today…

Which sections should I post their names to? Lynda Arlene Sims Lawrence and Archie Sims were their names.

Just called; got a third party service that works for Diamondback and Viper (I think). Both companies are working from home currently, understandably, and they’ll get back to me.

Sending a certified letter is usually the best way to get responses.

Was probate filed for your mother and for her father in the county where each lived and appropriate probate orders recorded in Pecos County? These companies will ask for copies of recorded documentation of title being transferred and vested in you and any other heirs. You can search the Pecos County deed records on-line and look for deeds into and out of your mother and grandfather. Is it possible that some properties are in other counties? Do you have a copy of a check stub and detail for your mother which will at least give you well names.


I don’t believe I have those check stubs, unfortunately. The last I remember her talking about them was probably in 2012 or 2013. Probate was filed where they lived but was missed in Pecos (my brother and I were co-executors). I grew up in Lubbock and much of our family is closer to Mexia / “near” Waco so I was a little surprised to see Pecos County but my grandfather did travel around the state quite a bit. Very possible the properties could be in other counties.

I did get a call back from Diamondback and I sent an email to the woman who returned my call with the list of the ten lands. She said she would send it on to a landsman who operates in that region. If that doesn’t work in the next week or so I’ll definitely send that certified letter and reach out to landsmen on my own. And I’ll follow up with your suggestion to look into the deed records online; thank you for that! This community is fantastic.

You might be able to get an original certified will from the county where probate was filed and then file it of record in pecos county and i think that will work.

TennisDaze : Regarding the concerned sections in Block OW (Lethco, State Biggs et al), we have numerous interests within Diamondbacks area with HBP wells and a number of shut-ins. DB is proposing PSA’s covering some of these units Lethco (Sec 29,10 & 2). Also see ( DIAMONDBACK ENERGY, INC. PROVIDES REVISED 2020 GUIDANCE AND UPDATED HEDGE POSITIONS | Diamondback Energy, Inc. )

Will get back to you conversation soon.

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