Questions for locating drilling site

I know the name of the county where drilling should be taking place; and owner number; but lots/sections/etc… How do I locate that. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum. Are you asking about a well that has already drilled or a well that is about to be drilled? If you have an owner number, that implies that the well is already drilled. If you have a check stub, the name of the well should be on the statement that goes with the stub.

Thank you for your reply, appreciate it. Yes, I’ve an owner number. Came years after mom passed. Never received money or other information until years ago, then received mail from Oklahoma Mineral Owner Registry. Shows mom’s name; owner number with known county, that’s it. I signed up for the registry, but again what came, only showed counties A-Z, # of wells, with highest and average lease payment. Kind of need to know where to go from here, if there is anyplace to go. Thank you.

The registry is for profit. The only true site is the county courthouse. That is where the landmen go. I would suggest going to and looking up your mom’s name in the Advanced Search button. It should have everything under her name or a previous ancestor is after 1991-ish. Then you will know the section, township and range. Then we can help. You can look for free and see what documents are there. Just costs a small amount to print.

If you have the operator from the check, then you can call them and use the owner number to get the section, township and range. Try those first and then if that doesn’t work, I have another way to try.

I figured as much; but I appreciate the information. Thank you.

Mineral Registry is a sham & a scam.

The mineral rights registry is not a means to establish title. Typically cleaning up title involves a probate unless there was a trust or transfer on death deed.

Search McClain County Records Here

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