Questions about Yoakum county skinny dennis 486 production


I hope someone can answer this question. I am a true novice and don't really understand much of the terminology and language in some of the information i've received. I've received 2 division orders for different sections on the skinny dennis land. I assume this means that the wells are producing. How do I find out what is being produced, oil or gas and the amount?

How do i find out what my very small percentage means in terms of dollars.

Based on information I read a year ago on this forum, I did negotiate my royalty and split the leases for the 2 areas that I own partial rights.

Thanks in advance for any info.



You might want to join the Yoakum County Group and ask your questions to those folks. Also include the API number of the well and also your Abstract , Section and Block numbers.

Clint Liles


After some searching I find there are approved permits for 4 Skinny Dennis 468 Horizontal wells in Yoakum County Abstract 843/Section 468.

Skinny Dennis 1H API 50136501

2H API 50136569

3H API 50136570

4H API 50136571

Link to approved drilling permit for well API 50136501:

At this time I do not find any production reports.

GIS Map of Yoakum County A-843/Section 468:

Clint Liles