Questions about a non-participating royalty interest that I supposedly own

Hi there,

My name is Al and I live in Seymour, TN, which is a few miles outside of Knoxville. A couple of years ago, I was contacted via mail by a land services company in Texas - not sure of the name - but, I was told I had inherited some mineral rights that my great grandfather had purchased in Texas. I received a packet of info requesting my Social Security No., among other things. It was my understanding that I might be due some "dividends", but I had to furnish some information in order to do so. I thought it was a scam, and did not pursue it. However, my sister has continued to hear about this from time to time.

Yesterday, Aug. 22, 2016, I received a Fedex package containing several documents. The cover letter subject is:

Ratification of Oil, Gas, and Mineral Leases, Winkler County, Texas

Section 20, Block 27, Public School Lands Survey, A-1737

The letter says: Holland Services, on behalf of Felix Energy LLC, has drafted and enclosed the ratification on behalf of the non-participating royalty interest that you own in the subject lands.

I'm supposed to sign in the signature block, get the document notarized, fill out a bunch of other info, yada, yada, yada.

I have no idea what this means. I had been thinking it was a scam, and it might well be. But, I can't quite see anyone attempting to perpetrate a scam on the same group of people for two years running.

I'm hoping that someone on the forum can help me understand what is going on here, because I am a woefully ignorant Tennessean.

Additionally, if this is not the appropriate forum for this post, please accept my apologies, and, if possible, direct me to the proper venue for my quest.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


After checking drilling permits for Winkler County, Texas I see from June 24, 2016 through July 14, 2016 where Felix Energy Holdings ll, LLC(Operator # 265322) has 6 approved permits for Winkler County. So Felix Energy is a legitimate company. As far as Holland Services I have no idea about them. My gut feeling is they are a leasing agent for Felix Energy. Felix Energy is targeting the Wolfcamp Formation in Winkler County. The API numbers on the wells are (495) 33726, 33727, 33731,33732, 33733, 33734.

Good luck with your possible Royalty Interest.

Clint Liles


Thanks for your response. I'm in the dark about what I should do next. I'm reluctant to fill out this paperwork because I don't really understand what I'm signing off on. If I do nothing, does that mean I'll miss out on possible dividends that I would otherwise receive? Would I be wise to obtain the services of an attorney to handle this for me?

Thank you.


I would get in touch with someone with Felix Energy and confirm that Holland Services is indeed doing land title search, Etc. for Felix Energy. Some contact numbers that I found were.....918)236-2669 720)974-2061

GIS Map of Winkler County A-1737/Section 20/Block 27 PSL and surrounding area:


Well # 33570/Completed Oct 2014/Wolfcamp formation

Well # 30489/plugged gas well

Well # 30866/oil well/completed Nov. 1977

Well # 30226/Plugged gas well

# 33726/Felix Energy permitted location

Clint Liles


Many thanks for your advice. I may have more questions for you as I wade into this a little further.


Before ratifying an existing lease, I believe I would want to find a copy of the original lease. You may be in a position to negotiate better terms. There are some great resources on this forum that you could utilize for this. It will possibly depend on how many net mineral acres you own for the amount of leverage you may have. Ratifying an old lease with low royalty rates may not be in your favor the long term. West Texas has incredible potential and your best bet is to secure good lease terms.

Thanks for your response, Kitchen. I'm interested in your comment about finding a copy of the original lease. Could you point me in the right direction to find the appropriate resources that might help me to locate that old lease?

One thing I haven't mentioned is that there some other relatives that have been contacted about this, besides my sister and me. These other relatives are actually closer in the kinship line, as they are grandchildren. My sister and I are great grandchildren.

This seems strange, in that they are contacting people so far down the line. That is one reason we've resisted responding to the inquiries.

I would search for information on NPRI non participating royalty interest. I believe Buddy Cotton may have bloged on this site about it. I think that would be a good start. Use the search at the top right of any page here or google search.

Buddy Cotten

The Winkler County Clerk would be a good place to start. Sometimes the operator may provide you a copy upon request. There are also some websites in Texas that have deed records electronically available, for a fee of course. Sometimes courtesy with the local county clerk goes a long ways and is very inexpensive!


The more I read this stuff, the more I don't know where to start. Here are some questions:

1) If I do nothing, will I miss out on an opportunity to receive any possible dividends?

2) If I go ahead and sign off to ratify these leases, does that mean that I'm missing an opportunity to possibly negotiate better terms on the lease?

3) I am located in East Tennessee, several hundred miles away from West Texas. If I decide to retain the services of an attorney to represent me in this matter, wouldn't it be wise to look for an attorney in an area of Texas that is reasonably close to where this activity is taking place?

4) According to my sister, we are talking about 640 acres of mineral rights. However, those rights are supposedly divided between several people. I'm not even sure how many, but there are already at least six that I know of, and there could well be double that number. I don't know how to figure what my possible share of the total could be. Looking at it from this angle, I'm inclined to just sign off the thing and send it back. I really have no idea what I'm doing.

5) I hate to ask you this, but what would you do if you were in my shoes? I know, first off, you'd probably ask for a face transplant, ha ha. But, I'm talking about in regards to these leases?



Clint Liles' research takes this situation out of the realm of the hypothetical. You should purse but be deliberate about it. Contact Felix land department and ask them to quantify your interest and your interest from their records. You need to know the net mineral acres over which your non-participating royalty extends AND the amount of the royalty, AND how it is to be measured and paid.

My concern is with the way this is being handled by Holland Services. Consider that your great grandfather acquired many non-participating royalty interests in West Texas, New Mexico or wherever. By ratifying an unknown lease, your are ratifying a quantity that will not be up to you to confirm.

I am also concerned that you were not asked for a Affidavit of Heirship in the mix.

I deal with these situations on a daily basis and must commend you for your reluctance to sign away right that you do not understand. Remember that there is no right way to do a wrong thing. I'll send you a PM in case you have some questions.

Dear Mr. Webb,

Contact me through my home page here and I will have some items to discuss with you.

For those that do not know, if you contact me through Mineral Rights Forum, I give a 15 minute phone consultation at no charge. Many times, that is all that people need. One initial gratis consultation per person. Instructions are on my profile page. Just one of the benefits of being a member of


Buddy Cotten

Thanks, Gary. I PM'd you with a couple of messages containing some documents I received.

Hi Gary, I am in the same situation as Alan except section 19 Glock 27 Winkler county looking for the same information and dealing with the same company Holland and Felix.

Looking for knowledge and information on what to do next to learn what this is about thank you for any help you can give me Judy Richardson

Alan have to any new info about non- participating royalties interest ? Holland contacted me also for Felix Energy. Did you contact Felix as Gary l. Hutchinson suggested.?