Checking to see if there has been activity or any in the future at Section 48, Block, 32 Township 1North. I have been contacted by mail from several different companies wanting to buy my mineral rights. Thanks

No production on that section, but it is in an area that is seeing a lot of horizontal well development. The section immediately to the west of you contains horizontal wells. Those purchase offers will continue to roll in. The minerals are in a good area. My advice would be to hold and see what happens, or at the very least, only sell a fraction of what you own. If you are desiring to sell, you could try one of the forum sponsors to see what they're witnessing in that area.


My group is a small owner in parts of Section 48 as well. What you are typically seeing is development in Howard County slowly moving from West to East. If you look at the RRC of TX GIS map online, you can see a great deal of activity in Western Howard. However, companies such as Rock Oil (now SM Energy) and others are starting to delineate farther East in Howard. Right now, Block 32, specific to townships 1 North, 2 North, and 3 North, is starting to see more and more activity. Well results are not the jaw dropping ones you see farther to the West in Howard County, but they are still decent.

Hope that helps a little.

- Hunter

Thanks Hunter, I think I will just hang on to it and see what the future brings.