Why would an oil company want to buy acres they just leased a few months ago? Do they think there will be significant production? How do I find out future production speculation in that area? In general. Thanks!

Surely seems odd to me.
Sounds like The Righthand doesn’t know what The Lefthand has done.

Someone who really knows will add more.
Maybe M. or Don.

Just speculating here, but when I am hired to lease an area it is for a specific company. I will have to assign over those leases to that company even if I took them in my name. It is possible that the company that bought the leases sees the potential and would like to buy the minerals in order to make money for his company versus the company they were leasing for.

There are others on the forum that will do production speculations for you, but I have seen too many ups and downs that I have a hard time doing it. If you want to post your section/township/range I will be glad to look to see if there are any pending applications at the OCC or any recent wells drilled immediately surrounding it.

Could you email me privately? Thank you

will do