Question regarding new well

I have a question regarding an additional well. We currently have (3) wells in 16-63-6-7-18 We were notified of flaring going on near our well locations. Production slowed down for six months. In this process, it appears an additional well was drilled for 16-63-6-7-18 CH5. It appears to be in production and yet, we’ve received no paperwork notifying us of this. Our lease recently switched hands of operators. We aren’t sure if the steps of procedure are the same as what we experienced with previous operator. Aren’t they required to notify us of a new well in production? Does anyone know the time line for proper notification? My recently royalty check does not show this new well or it’s production. Thank you!

Please add your state and county. We have no idea where you are located. Usually, you will get a division order about five months after first production.

My apologies. Wells located in Laramie County, Wyoming.

I moved your query to that county.

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