Question regarding County Index

Do we still “join” counties we’re interested in? If not, what are our other options? Thanks. Linton

On the previous software join did 2 things. One it allowed the moderator/owner of the county group to control it a bit. But it also added to the notification control.

On this software, you are already a member of all of the county groups. But you can flag it how you want notifications to occur. Hit the button I circled and you will see the options.

So you can set them to muted if you don’t want to see them in your latest feed or select one of the other options.


I generally want to see the new topics created in some counties then turn off the ones I don’t want to see. You can control this at the category, county, and topic levels. look for a similar icon.

The staff will come in and correct me if I’m wrong, but that is the way I have been utilizing it.

@Rick_Howell you are correct. The most important thing for a user to do (especially those used to the older version) is to go to the #Getting-Started link at the top of the page and read each topic. These address the major changes.

There, you’ll find explanations of how to keep tabs on the specific info you’re interested in (and how to mute categories of information you are not interested in). A common question we get is about “Groups”. If you were a member of an old Group, you are now automatically enrolled as Watching that (now) Category. Another way to say this is that Groups were turned into Categories with the same name. Technically speaking, there still exist Groups, but they are merely a list of names in our database and do not contain narrative content.