Question re: leasing bonus for oil, gas rights

Can anyone tell me what the typical procedure is for receiving your signing bonus, if you live in another state. I have decided to lease my mineral rights and the company says they will send me the contract and I must sign and send back and then within 30 days will receive the check for the bonus. Is this typical or should I beware? Thank you in advance to all who respond. Pat S.

If I were you I would sign/notarized lease etc, make a copy and email a copy of it or mail the copy with the statement as soon as a check arrives you will then send the original by certified mail. Too many stories of companies waiting more than than they state.

Thank you for this information. I also think it's a bad idea to send a signed contract to someone who has not paid you.

I think some people use an attorney as the money holder. Sign the lease, give to the attorney who holds it until the company provides the money, then sends the lease to the company and the money to the lessor.