Question on the winklemann well drilled by Geosouthern


Any idea if they going to drill more on the winklemann gas well drilled by Geosouthern ?


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Just based on the number of pads Geosouthern has already built further west and all the acreage they are still needing to get under production I’m thinking it may be a while before they come back to drill additional wells in that Winkelmann unit (even though its already made 4 BCF of gas in one year).

Wildhorse just filed a permit for a well in a new 698 acre unit called the Bentke that starts at 390 and extends south toward the Winkelmann drill site. The Bentke will be drilled from a pad that will be next to that water tower at 390 and Hoddeville School Road. It will be interesting to see how that well will compare to the ones they’ve drilled further west along 390. All those wells have made a decent amount of condensate but Geosouthern’s Winkelmann and the earlier well SM drilled just north of it, called the Eschberger, made lots of gas but no condensate.


What’s is the deal with the Eschberger well? I’m in the pool and it’s not producing much at all. Heard that it had problems with it?


RRC only has production reported through August but the numbers on Comptroller’s site show it averaged about 500 mcf/d in September and October that’s in line with what it had been making. Not bad for a 6 year old well.


Dusty, where on the Comptroller’s site can I check the production #s of well?


It’s called CONG. There are separate sections for crude and natural gas. Below are links that should get you there. There are a few tricks you’ll need to learn, like new wells being listed by their permit numbers and older ones by lease number, and how to enter the date range you want to see. Play around with it and if you can’t make it work come back and I’ll try to help you.

Keep in mind that nothing gets reported until they put a well on stream and start making sales and there is then a one or two month lag on when volumes have to be reported, but in a lot of cases it is still faster than what shows up in production reports to RRC.