Question on selling mineral rights in Converse Co

My husband (and family members) own an undivided mineral interest in central Converse County. There are wells and permits pending, etc. in the next section north of us. Some of us are interested in selling, and have tried to contact 2 companies that say they buy such rights in that county. However, it's been a couple of weeks, and I haven't heard a peep from them. Does anyone know if this is a normal timeframe, if there is just no interest in that area, if purchasers are holding off for now? We're new to this whole thing, and any insight will be welcome. Thanks!

Domestic petroleum might grow in value due to the current administration's desire to put a duty/tariff on imports, Believe he is looking at 20 % for imported oil

Do NOT go with a company like Upland Energy. These companies make wonderful, sweeping offers that don't come close to what the property is worth - which is substantially less than their offer. They want you to send them your signed, notarized sales documents before they will pay you, and then they will tell you what they believe the property is actually worth, which is significantly less than what they originally offered. They have it in their contract that they can make that adjustment once they receive your SIGNED documents. They won't use a third party escrow to protect you. DON'T FALL FOR IT!

If you are serious about wanting to know the TRUE value of your property as evaluated by professionals, and if you want to sell it to a reputable company, use an auction house like ENERGYNET. They screen their buyers carefully and you will have a highly trustworthy transaction that is SOLID and PROTECTED.

First and Foremost, please reconsider selling your Mineral Rights considering the amount of activity in Converse County. One good well could pay hundreds of times more than what you would receive in a sell. I signed a mineral lease with Khody Land & Minerals through McDonald Land & Minerals and feel I received a very fair deal. I was able to negotiate $500 and acre bonus with 3/16th minerals Gross at the wellhead for a 4 year lease and a two year extension which will pay an additional $500 an acre. With over 700 acres net, that is a fairly good bonus. I also retained all rights to the coal, coal methane gas, benetonite and uranium.
I have an Eleventh Commandment "Thou Shall Not Sell Thy Mineral Rights"!

Drilling has not been as fast as most companies would like due to the infrastructure in Converse County but once the pipelines are in place, I think we will see a dramatic increase in drilling activity.

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Well Said Mark!!!

I have an Eleventh Commandment "Thou Shall Not Sell Thy Mineral Rights"!

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Do you mind reporting the activity in Converse County. I live on the east coast of the USA. Don't get to WY that often.

Any companies taking an interest in the area ? Like to send them my info



You mentioned pipe line. R U refering to the Keystone pipeline ?

No, I am referring to all the pipelines that ties all the areas of the various well locations and proposed locations to a major pipeline. There are literally millions of miles of pipelines across the country that feed to the major pipelines just as their are millions of power lines that feed from the Electric generators to the individuals homes & businesses. The keystone is a major pipeline that runs from Canada to the Gulf.

This might explain more.

Since y'all aren't dividing any actual surface property, minerals can be divided over and over again. Personally I feel you or your kids could be selling out what might be worth a small fortune to you or your kids someday. Since the price of oil dropped, most companies slowed or stopped leasing but they will start again once the price goes up again or the infrastructure is in place, Also, your "Grandma" left it to your parents who since have left it to y'all and it is only right to continue to pass it down to future generations so that it can produce some funds to them as it has to y'all. I am fairly sure his "Grandma" and your parents too saw the opportunity to sell but didn't because they fore-saw the possibility of it being worth something great for future generations. 20 acres is a lot more net mineral acres than you might realize especially once there is a well or two generating funds monthly.

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I am in Texas. I own approximately 728 net mineral acres in Converse County but I don't really follow the area regularly. With owning and managing over 7,200 mineral properties in 8 states, my time is really limited.

I recommend contacting the companies that are currently drilling in the area where you minerals are. Personally I am leased out to Khody Land & Minerals through McDonald Land & Minerals.

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Here is the site for gathering current drilling & production activity in Wyoming.