Question on sections


Hi all, So, my question is, i have mineral right in a sw corner of a section. If an oil company drills in the section but in an opposite corner and hits oil, should i expect something for my minerals? Thx. John



John: If your minerals are part of a “spaced unit”, predominately 640 acres these days, then yes, you should receive royalty. Many older “oil” units were drilled on 160, 80 or even 40 acre units. Some really old units in shallower formations were 10 acre units.

If your minerals are not part of the spaced, producing unit, no, you don’t receive royalty from the well.

If you will provide your Section/Township/Range, we can get you more accurate information as to whether or not you should be receiving royalty.

Todd M. Baker



Todd, We own some in sec 14, 18n, 9w SW partial. I see where Chisolm has permitted for a well they call old hugh in this section. We receive a very minimal royalty in that section, $25 for three years production from Triumph. We are wondering if we can look forward to something better in the future. Thx. John



Chilsolm’s Old Hugh is for Section 11. The surface location is in Section 14. I feel sure there will be some new wells drilled in Section 14 before too much longer.



I see, thanks. OCC web site must have transposed a number, the permit showed sec. 14. Oh, well, we will continue waiting and hoping! Thank you. John