Question on section quadrants

The minerals I own are described as E/4 E/4 Section 213. I looked online to see how sections are divided up and I do not see any example of how mine are described. Can anyone tell me if this can be an accurate description. Thank you in advance. Debra

Debra- that is not an accurate description. You can’t have an East Quarter. Maybe an East Half. E/2 of E/2 would be more probable.

E/4 E/4 SEC-213 BLK-34 H&TC RY CO SUR - this is how it is on my deed and my lease. My family and I own 40 acres in this section. How would this impact me if it isn’t correct?

Pretty sure you can have any description that unambiguously describes the tract. E/4 E/4 seems more efficient than writing the E/2 E/2 E/2 E/2. Much like someone would say you own the SW/4 of a section, and not the S/2 of the W/2. I’ve seen things like N 3/4 of a section on deeds.

Doesn’t seem like there is much confusion about what that is referencing. Your 40 acres is a 330’ wide strip along the entire Eastern edge of the section. Or possibly I have no idea what I am talking about, hard to know these days.

If you are in Texas in Ward or Reeves counties, the E/4 of E/4 is accurate for sections which are “rotated” so that the corners face north, south, east and west. In these sections you own an interest in 40 acres lying in a square. Well plays for those sections will appear rectangular or square, but there will be an arrow pointing true north so you rotate the plat to see how it lays. I these counties, some sections are angled with a section line on the north side and others are angled with a corner to the north. Pull up the RRC GIS viewer and look at your section.

Thank you. Yes it is in Reeves County.