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We have mineral interest in a section 13, but we are receiving a check from a company that is producing in section 24, the attorney that’s handling our estate says he couldn’t find where we have mineral interest in 24. This well is drilled in 24 but it ends up in section 12. Is this the reason why we would be getting a royalty check because it crosses through section 13 or does our attorney need to go back and recheck the records again? Also, I’m not sure really how all this works, if you have mineral interest in a section does everyone in that section get part of the kitty or is it broke down on which part of the section where you are and where someone is producing.

If you will give the rest of the location, it will help. We need the complete section, township and range. It is most likely a multi-unit well. You get paid on the minerals that you own that intersect the spacing of the well. The equation is: net acres/actual spacing acres x royalty x percentage of the perforations in your section. If you give the S-T-R, then I can tell you which well and what the splits are on the well.

Sec: 24, 5N, 13E is the section in question where the well is drilled and our mineral interest are in Sec: 13, 5N, 13E, and the looking on the OCC website where I looked up the well it looks like the bottom hole is in Sec: 12, 5N, 13E.

Newfield completed four horizontal wells in 2015. Payden 1H-12XX, 2H-12XX, 3H-12XX and 4H-12XX. If you type Payden into the OCC wellrecords website, you can all the information on the wells as far as forms. Looks like they only drilled the surface hole on the last three wells.

The OTC site has only the Payden 1H-12XX as paying. Trinity Operating USG LLC is the listed operator.
If you look up 201503343 in the OAP site, you can find the Splits.

Sorry I have to ask, but what is OAP? I know what the OTC & OCC is.

OAP is the OCC site which lists the case files for the spacing, location exceptions, drilling permission, increased density, poolings, etc.
OAP If you know the number of the case, use this link.
Case Processing Online If you don’t know the number of the case, but do know the S-T-R, then use this link.

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