Question on mineral rights

I am a real newbie so excuse incorrect terminology or if my question is stated awkwardly.
My grandfather had property and mineral rights in Michigan. After my grandfather died the estate executor(family) sold the property but maintained mineral, oil and gas rights, which we renew as required.
The property was sold to a family who we believe built a home on the property. The mineral rights are non producing and none of us really knows if the property could produce. Or if it was ever a producing site.
Many years have passed and we have basically not paid any attention to this property. Now some of the grandkids want to figure out if we can/should be doing anything pro-actively with our rights.
Should we be visiting the property or area periodically?
How can we determine if there is any drilling or production in the area.
What other advice can you provide?
Also can anyone recommend a Michigan attorney. We “inherited” an attorney in the mineral rights town who did some paper work “way back when”. Trying to figure out if that is who we should stick with. It is a small town so everyone is probably familiar with each other and we are the outsiders as we live 4 or so hours away. Just brainstorming any and all possible issues.