Question on how to find current registered owners of rights


I am trying to find out who the legal owner(s) are to mineral rights held by my family for many decades.

The land in question is referred to as: T3S-R11E Sec. 16 SW/4 SE/4 containing 40 acres more or less.

2 of the owners are deceased, and we need to know what is required to change the ownership, and to verify the names of the owners currently - is there a FAQ and how to go about finding these things out in Atoka County?

I’m a first time forum user, trying to help my Dad find out about his mineral rights. You can try hunting here first. Use his name or the relatives name or previous ancestors. Free to look. Have to pay to print, but not much.

You probably have to file probate to get the names changed. Quite a bit of discussion on the forum about that. Look up Richard Winblad’s posts.

Thank you! I’ll do that.

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In Oklahoma a probate is the most efficient way to change ownership. An affidavit of heirship may be accepted for payment of royalties if the sums are very small.


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