Question. Are my mineral right worth anything?

I’m just wondering if these are worth anything?

That’s not much information to work with. If you will click Counties at the top of this page, then select Texas and then Eastland County and post your question there you might have better luck.

It looks like you may own a small part of a large unit. You’ll need provide more information on the interest you own before someone could help you.

Below is a link to the latest production report that Morris Greenhaw filed on the wells he operates in the Desdemona Field. It looks like the one at the top of that list may be the well that tax statement you posted was referring to. But it showed the RRC # for that well as 17676 and the RRC production report shows it as 017636.

Eastland Co. - Production Rpt. Morris Greenhaw - Desdemona Field.pdf (851.0 KB)

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