Question about whether I only have surface mineral rights

Hi everyone,

I have a burning question about whether I have below the surface mineral rights or not.

The deed states

" ___ Grantor, hereby convey to ___ all that right, title and interest in the property situated in Ward County, State of Texas, and described as follows:

Surface acres of Lot 92 out of Sec 46 Block 34 H & TC Survey, Ward County - 10 ac +/-"

Does that mean I only have surface rights and not below the surface rights?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me clarify what rights I have.

without doing more research, the deed probably tells you that you have only surface rights. for the record, there is no current activity marked on that section in the RRC map, and only one plugged well. My experience is that the deeds are usually pretty specific about surface or minerals or both. my uncle would acquire a lot of acreage and would sell off the surface to cattle ranchers or homesteaders, but retain all minerals. Your property is not relinquishment property which is when the State of Texas owns the minerals and the surface owner acts as the State's agent, and receives 50% of bonuses, royalties, etc.

Thank you very much for the reply James! The deed states "surface acres of Lot 92.....".

It didn't mention anything about minerals but I am assuming that just means surface rights.

I am guessing they put those specific wordings there for a reason, correct?

But how or where could I find out for sure?

It's giving me a big headache :(

You can look in the Ward county records to trace the minerals backward. Start with the person who deeded your surface and follow him/her back in time.

Will try that.

Thank you very much for your help!