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My mother-in-law died last year and she had some mineral rights. My wife and I don’t completely understand exactly what mineral rights are, but we have found out that we need to get them changed over to my wife’s name so we can deposit the checks we receive from various companies. We’ve been changing them over without too much trouble, but there’s one company we aren’t able to contact. The info we have is:

Return address on envelope: Terzan Energy II1421 E. 45th Street, Shawnee, OK 74804

From the check: Terzan Energy Oklahoma LLC, P.O. Box 14000, San Antonio, TX 78214. Phone number 210-224-0999

We’ve called (the number takes us to an answering service for funeral homes) and written but no responses.

We’d appreciate any help. Thank you!

Good for you for getting organized! Make a list of all the mineral rights conveyed by the probate documents. Some of them may be producing and some may be non-producing, so you need to keep track of them as well. Since you are new, read the Mineral Help tab listed above. A good small book to read is called “Look before you Lease” by Bill Stafford. Check the Treasurer’s office in the state of your mother-in-law’s domicile. There are several free websites where you can hunt for information. If you have questions, post in the state and county for the minerals. Here is another address for Terzan.

Terzan Energy II LLC 880980 S. 3420 Rd. (Chandler) PO Box 6907 San Antonio, TX 78209 918-652-1400 It was on a Transfer of Operator form. If you have the names of the wells on the checks, they are pretty easy to look up.

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Try this contact info:

Nicole Morales Chief Financial Officer / Corporate Accounting for MP Oklahoma Terzan Energy Oklahoma, LLC P.O. Box 14000 San Antonio, TX 78214 Phone: 210-224-0999 Fax: 210-497-4671