Question about Permitted Location on RRC map

I have mineral rights in Howard County. I look periodically on the RRC map to see if there is any new activity. I just noticed a new circle with the information of an API # and Desc of Permitted Location. Does this mean it has been approved to drill a new well? Any information is appreciated…as I am still new to this oil/gas lingo! Judy Mc

Yes. If the map is showing a circle with an API number it means that permit has been approved.

You can go to another section of RRC’s website and pull up that permit and it will have a plat attached that shows the drilling unit the operator formed. If you aren’t familiar with it, below is the link to that section.

If you select Howard County from the pull down menu at the upper right on that page and put in the API number of that well, then hit submit and it should pull up the permit. Open the permit and go to the bottom of the second page where attachments are listed to find the plat of the unit.

Thank you so much for this information!!!

It says that it is a Cathodic Protection well. What is that??