Question about lease change in Moore County, Texas

I have both mineral and surface rights in Moore County, Texas.

My grandmother and mother have been receiving royalties on the mineral rights for natural gas for several years. Around the first of the year, Conoco Phillips who had leased this for around the last ten years no longer issued the royalty checks. It is my understanding that they kept one well, which produces the least, and Bravo Natural Gas, LLC of Tulsa, OK. is now issuing the check for the royalties on the other wells. I don't know a lot about the ins and outs of this business. These were in a trust with a bank in Amarillo since my grandmother died. After my mother's death, the bank only handeld them for a few years for me and my brother and cousins. The bank is now only involved in the surface rights.

Anyway, my question is : any thoughts, good, bad, or otherwise about why this was done. I have tried to get some information about Bravo, but have not come up with much. I have received only once check for the one well that was kept by Conoco Phillips.

Any information would be so appreciated.