Question about gas well

I have interest in a gas well located in sec 21 4N 7W. It is called the pilgrim-woody #1. This well is owned by Samson resources. There has not been any production from this well in the past several years. I called the company but could not get any straight answers regarding production. My question is how can I get them to either produce or plug this well? I feel that they are just trying to hold the acerage. I drove to the site yesterday and someone has stacked trees in the road going to the location so I know no one has been there in a long time.

Do you mind giving me aan idea of what you got and who you sold it to? I’m possibly interested in selling mine as well.

It is

This situation faces many mineral owners. Are there other mineral owners in the well that you mentioned? Have you received royalty income from the well?

If you still have the lease documents review them and see what the language is about the end of production. This can get very trickey and you may need to enlist the aid of a lawyer familiar with Oklahoma oil and gas law.

The producing company is not going to be very helpful if they are just trying to slide by and keep the lease until another comany comes along and makes them a deal on the lease to drill another well. If that happens, you are stuck with whatever royalty you had with the first well.

You are about 10 miles southwest of the activity going southeastward from Chickasha. There is probably some new leasing going on in your area. Your area might be considered in more of the gas window of the Woodford shale production than the oily window back tothe northeast of where you are. The current low prices for natural gas will hamper any new wells that might only produce natural gas.

But, if you have not been receiving any royalty payments for the last few yearsm that lease could be considered not held by production and there should be some recourse for the mineral owners. It may take a lawyer though. If you know any of the other mineral owners in the well contacting them would be a good idea.