Question about extended lease

In 2014 I signed a 5 yr lease with option of renewal. Last March, I was approach by a different company, now the same, s they bought out original company. Anyway, I was approached and told that they wanted to continue my lease but offered me more money. I agreed. They paid me 10% of new offer. Now, I received payment in the amount of the original offer in 2014. I have called them, have a case number to refer to, but am getting nowhere. This new agreement has been signed, notarized, and recorded in the county courthouse. My question is this: does this new agreement supersede the original? Thank you for any advice.

An attorney can answer definitively, but if it is recorded at the courthouse, it probably does supersede the original. Next time, never hand over a lease without getting full payment as you can see what a pain it is to get the rest of it. I am not a fan of five year leases as too much can happen in the time frame. That time frame is more speculative and implies that drilling is not going to happen soon.

Sounds like a top lease if they paid you 10% down. Use search function in upper right for many threads explaining what a top lease is.