Question about back payments

Hi all! I am new to this forum, recently inherited a couple small mineral interests in Grady and Caddo Counties of Okla. There is no current production on either of these parcels however they both had wells drilled in the 80's with one being plugged in 1990 and the one in Grady county was plugged in 2000. These minerals came from my grandfather who passed away in 1993, he had no will and my father and his sister (the sole heirs) had no idea these mineral rights even existed. My question is, if this well was in production from 1993 (time of grandfathers death) to 2000 (time the well was plugged) where did the royalty checks go? And is it too late to do anything about it?


I have read on this forum and elsewhere about this situation. This website might help.

Probably someone who knows more than I can help here.

Nancy Mosley

Check out the link Nancy posted. Also check here.

It is not too late. It goes to the state, stays in the name that it was owed to. The state gets the investment interest off of it but the original amount can be claimed.

Thanks for the links! Unfortunately nothing turned up. Is there a way to find production records on a well in Okla.? I checked the OCC website and it does not show production records on this well.