Quantum Resources lease offer

I received a lease offer from Quantum Resources on S27-6N-7W. Has anyone been contacted by them or anyone else wanting to lease in this area? Not sure the amount is fair on lease terms. How do you know ??

Please add your state and county so that we can put this in the correct place. I’m assuming Oklahoma and Grady County?

Yes, you would be correct. Oklahoma, Grady Co. Thanks Martha!

Moved it over for you. Best to post in the correct county.

Todco was leasing in the at section back in June 2022. Royalty was 1/5th. Bonus amounts are private. Camino just pooled that section so pay attention! Was Quantum leasing for them? The hearing date was supposed to be Jan 17. No order yet, but you only have 20 days in which to answer. Case 2022-005155. Multiunit well with 22. You can watch the progress on the Electronic Case site. At this point, I would not mess with leasing and would just answer the pooling order. I do not see your name on the pooling list. Did you just inherit? Do you have your name and address filed at the county courthouse along with title paperwork? You may have to respond to the pooling order under your relative’s name as the heir until the title is straight. Just so you don’t get the 1/8th option.