Quanah Energy, LLC

Good morning all. Has anyone here been leased by Quanah Energy LLC? Do you know anything about this company? I have an offer to lease and am trying to do my due diligence. This company is doing a lot of leasing in Atoka and Coal counties only since August 2017. I can find no info online. Thanks in advance.

Here ya go. I knew I had seen something on them: http://www.quanahenergy.com/

Interesting because I have minerals in both Atoka & Coal Counties. Where are they leasing in those counties? I have some net acres in Sect 31 T1N R12E. In Coal, I have some in Sect 29 T1N R9E. I have my paperwork ready to update my recordings with updated contact information.

Thanks for the website, but I've been all over that and it says absolutely nothing. All my holdings are in Coal County, so you might want to contact Quanah through their website. I too have Sec 29, 1N, 9E but no bites yet from anyone.

Thanks for your response.

I signed with landsman Travis Kanard. He tells me that Canyon Creek Energy and Quanah Energy are the same company and are signin mineral owners in Atoka County. I am in Sec. 22 Tsp10e 2s. No bonus paid yet.

I'm afraid there's a reason you can't find anything online.

Would you mind adding some information to your answer?

Ken Worthington,what is the reason I can’t find anything online.

Hi Ken

I got an offer in Atoka for Section 29 2S, 10E from Quanah Energy. I am a little concerned. Is there something I should know about this company? Something doesn't feel right.

Were you ever paid Garry? I have not been.

Joellen see my response above to Garry.

Thank you. I didn’t lease .

It's Paramount but they won't answer their phone.

I did lease but can't get paid.

I did finally get paid in January for a lease in may 2017.

Oh boy. My lease was december and they have exceeded their 45 days. Now they say middle of Feb. The landman swore they weren't flipping leases before I signed. Wrong.

Thats not the same company.

I just received a check for one section. Still waiting on the other.

Sorry, but you're saying that Paramount and Quanah are the same company?...this company Quanah is out of Tulsa, but ironically so is Canyon Creek...no correlation at all?

Do not know about Canyon Creek as the landman has only mentioned Paramount and his email address is Paramount.

Found out Canyon Creek bought Quanah.