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I currently have about 1500 acres in Pushmataha County I am looking to sell on the market. Does ANYONE have a clue as to how much they would be worth or if the drilling operations are taking place there?

My name is Troy Curtis, a landman, with Concho Land Company in Freedom, OK as well as Oklahoma City. I thought while times are slower, I would offer to help with any questions people may have in general and post my email, conchojobs@gmail.com for any and all questions. I also wanted to offer our services for individuals in need of mineral research or help with production related concerns in all Oklahoma Counties and the surrounding states.

One half of the mineral rights of a 140 acre parcel located just west of Antlers (Darwin community) was transferred to C & B Warren in the 1950's. This ownership is still on the county books. C died first leaving all to B (had will but not probated). B died later leaving all to four children (I am one of those children) with a will but not probated. The four children want to bring the ownership of the mineral rights up to date. What would be the process??? The mineral rights were not mentioned in either will. Can this be done relatively easy by filing the wills with the county clerk and bring everything up to date with the four children's names as owners of the mineral rights? Thanks!!

Without reading the wills, it sounds like you just need to probate the two wills.

Mineral owners:

www.okenergytoday.com provides daily Completion Reports and Permits to Drill on the left hand column under the same name.

All other well information for your county including Spud Reports, ownership changes, permits to re-drill, etc, can be found under Royaltiy Owners Corner, also on the left side.

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