Purchasing min rights

My family are selling mineral rights in Stephens County sections 16-17. Anyone know anout value of nonleased parcels adjacent to leased acreage. Offered $14 and $16k for leased acreage with 1/4, and 0 for acquiring nonleased portions. What do you advise?

You need to give the complete section, township and range as there are many sections 16 & 17 in Stephens county. Slow down and really understand the value of what you have before you sell as there are a lot of lowball offers out there. You need to understand if you have pending wells that they know about but you do not.

Be very careful with the transaction especially delivering a deed without a certified check (not a draft).
Also, why would you sell non-leased portions at $0??

What’s the issue with a draft?

Here is a good article about drafts: