Purchase Offer - Boomslang Resources

Anybody getting an offer to purchase from Boomslang Resources (Dallas, TX)? I’m in Glasscock CSL about 8 miles SW of Lamesa. Does anybody know anything about Boomslang?

I have had several unsolicited offers from Boomslang through the mail. I have never negotiated with or sold to them. There are comments about them on this site in the “General Mineral Rights Discussion” from 2019. You are wise for checking them out on this site.

George: Thanks for the reply. Found the 2019 thread on Boomslang that you refer to. Not good reviews, says they are flippers (as suspected) & try to get minerals under contract, then look for a “Buyer” which they may or may not find. Do you or anyone else have any recent experience with them as this was 5 years ago or are they still the same old company? Has anybody recently tried to negotiate with them? Thx

Bob_Lee1: what League are you located in?? I am in League 276.

HCProspector: Leagues 277 & 278. Have you received an offer from them?

No, not a word. Will let you know if I get contacted.

If they’re offering you, it’s probably worth 3x what they’re offering. Terrible buyers, I’ve dealt with them on numerous occasions.

frog91: Other than offering only 1/3 of what minerals may be worth, what else is terrible about them? Have you ever sold anything to them and got paid? What areas and does that include Dawson Co., TX? Any dealings in the last 2 years (2022 to current)? Thx