Pumping Station and Pipe Line

Does anyone know what is going on with the pumping station in Texas and the pipline in Jackson County OK?

I heard pipeline completion is expected in early May.

Thanks, Charles.

What I have heard is: Pipeline is completed and Mitchell No. 1-32 is tied in with a meter set. This gas has to be processed (which will impact revenue stream) and they are trying to get the processing equipment online, which they hope to do by this Friday (July 13).

Depending on what they are processing, sometimes if the gas just has nasty things in it like sulphur or watery sludge, it has to be cleaned up so it can make the standard to be introduced into a pipeline. Sometimes they remove actual heavy weight hydrocarbons, which when extracted and sold have a value that is aligned with oil. Not sure of the nature of what they are removing. It is also possible that the gas could have to be compressed in order to buck the pipeline pressure. There can be quite a few variables.

Can anyone answer: We have 50% non-particicpating mineral interest, but have never signed a Division Order or anything. Is that common?